I am generally happy to field requests about my research on changing media, audiences for news and political information, or other issues concerning contemporary politics. My contact info is available here.

Selected press coverage of my research 

Mousetrap Media/Mark Hakansson

Granger, Jacob. (2023, May 24). “Countering news avoidance: focus on relevance and value.Journalism.co.uk

Tavernise, Sabrina, and Aidan Gardiner. (2019, Nov. 18), “‘No one believes anything’: Voters worn out by a fog of political news.” The New York Times.

Published public-facing work about my research

How do audiences decide what news to trust? Fairness and accuracy aren’t the only things that matter,” with Sumitra Badrinathan, Camila Mont’Alverne, and Amy Ross Arguedas (2021, April 211). Nieman Journalism Lab.

From News Avoidance to News Fatigue,” with Ruth Palmer (2019, Jan.). Nieman Journalism Lab.

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